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Excel Corporation is a stockist of Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes situated in the Mumbai, the business capital of India keep huge stock of tubes and caters to different Industry requirements mainly for their high pressure steam pipeline and boilers.

We have a stock clearance sale of Alloy Steel Tubes of the listed specifications, sizes mentioned below starting immediately. The tubes prices are heavily discounted and offered for limited period only and the stock list is subject to prior sale.

All the Alloy Steel tubes are in excellent condition with material test certificates and third party inspection.

The stock can be physically examined before dispatch and material test certificates can be supplied with the tubes. For more Call: +91-9820024700

Current Stock Available:

ASTM ASME SA335 P22 | ASTM ASME SA335 P22 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T22 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T22 |
ASTM ASME SA 335 P11 | ASTM ASME SA 335 P11 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T11 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T12 |
ASTM ASME SA 213 T12 | ASTM ASME SA 335 P5 | ASTM ASME SA 335 P9 | ASTM ASME SA335 P1 | ASTM ASME SA335 P1 | DIN 17175/ III/ 15MO3 (1.5415) | DIN 17175/ III/ 15MO3 (1.5415) | DIN 17175/ III/ 13CDMO44 (1.7335) | DIN 17175/ III/ 13CDMO44 (1.7335) | ASTM ASME SA 213 T9 | ASTM ASME SA 335 P12 | ASTM ASME SA 335 P12 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T1 | ASTM ASME SA 213 T1 | DIN 17175/ III/ 10CRMO10 | DIN 17175/ III/ 10CRMO10

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A 335 P 22






A 335 P 22






A 335 P 22 1






A 335 P 22