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201 Stainless Steel Tube

Attribute Value Range
Diameter 6mm – 630mm
Wall Thickness 0.2mm – 30mm
Length Customizable
Surface Finish Polished, Brushed, Satin
Grade 201, 201H, 201L, 201LN
Application Automotive, Construction, Food Processing
Weldability Good, can be welded using TIG, MIG, and stick welding
Heat resistance Moderate, can withstand temperatures up to 850°C (1562°F)
Strength Good, can withstand high pressure and heavy loads

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201 Stainless Steel Tube is a type of austenitic stainless steel that contains a high amount of manganese and nitrogen, as well as lower amounts of nickel and chromium compared to other stainless steel grades. It was developed as a more cost-effective alternative to 304 stainless steel, and is often used in applications where high corrosion resistance is required, but a lower cost is desired.


Equivalent Material

  • AISI Grade: 201
  • UNS: S 201 00
  • JIS Grade: SUS 201
  • EN/DIN Symbolical: X12CrMnNiN17-7-5
  • EN/DIN Numerical: (EN) 1.4372


Chemical Composition

  • Cr: 16–18
  • Ni: 3.5–5.5
  • C: 0.15
  • Mn: 5.5–7.5
  • Si: 0.75
  • P: 0.06
  • S: 0.03
  • N: 0.25
  • Other: –


Attribute Details
Material 201 Stainless Steel
Composition Chromium (16-18%), Nickel (3.5-5.5%), Manganese (5.5-7.5%), Nitrogen (0.25%),

Carbon (0.15%), Silicon (1%), Phosphorus (0.06%), Sulfur (0.03%)

Density 7.93 g/cm3
Magnetic Properties Magnetic, due to its low nickel content
Diameter 6mm – 630mm, with various standard sizes available in the market
Wall Thickness 0.2mm – 30mm, depending on the diameter and intended application of the tubing
Length Customizable, with standard lengths typically ranging from 1m to 6m
Surface Finish Polished, Brushed, Satin, with various surface finishes available
Corrosion Resistance Excellent, with high resistance to corrosion and oxidation
Weldability Good, can be easily welded using common welding techniques such as TIG, MIG, and stick welding
Heat Resistance Moderate, can withstand temperatures up to 850C (1562F), affected by diameter,

wall thickness, and surface finish

Strength Good, with the ability to withstand high pressure and heavy loads
Formability Good, with the ability to be formed into various shapes using bending, rolling, and stamping
Machinability Good, can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped using standard machining techniques
Electrical Conductivity Moderate, can conduct electricity but not as well as copper or aluminum
Thermal Conductivity Moderate, lower than copper and aluminum but higher than some other metals
Surface Hardness Moderate, can be further improved by using specialized heat treatment processes
Grade 201, 201H, 201L, and 201LN, each with slightly different chemical composition

and mechanical properties

Application Automotive, Construction, Food Processing, and other industries where

high resistance to corrosion is required

Cost Moderate, less expensive than some other grades of stainless steel
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